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What would Augustine say about law today?

Tuesday 10th March

Talk for Today

A 45 minute talk to discover Augustine of Hippo's wisdom and Augustinian spirituality.

What would Augustine say about law today?

Based on the speaker's book "The End of Law - How Law’s Claims Relate to Law’s Aims"


The End of Law applies Augustine’s questions to modern legal philosophy as well as offering a critical theory of natural law that draws on Augustine’s ideas. McIlroy argues that such a critical natural law theory is: realistic but not cynical about law’s relationship to justice and to violence, can diagnose ways in which law becomes deformed and pathological, and indicates that law is a necessary but insufficient instrument for the pursuit of justice. Positioning an examination of Augustine’s reflections on law in the context of his broader thought, McIlroy presents an alternative approach to natural law theory, drawing from critical theory, postmodern thought, and political theologies in conversation with Augustine.


The Speaker

David McIlroy is a practising barrister based in London in the UK. He holds Master’s degrees in Law from the Universities of Cambridge, UK, and Toulouse, France, and a PhD in the Theology of Law from Spurgeon’s College, University of Wales. David serves on the editorial board of Law & Justice and teaches at University of Notre Dame. He is convinced that justice matters enormously to God and He wants Christians to work hard to see justice done more and more in situations around the world. Through his books (The End of Law, A Biblical View of Law and Justice, A Trinitarian Theology of Law) and many articles, David seeks to deepen people’s reflections on justice and to inspire others to take up the challenge of acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

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